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This is the Canberra Rifle Club range at Majura which is right next door to the SSAA range at Majura. 1000yd Bench Rest competitions commenced there in 1998. The club is affiliated with the International Benchrest Shooters and shoots their targets and course of fire. There are 4 benches at present and the target system used is the regular bigbore system of butts with pull up and down frames. We have 5 registered matches a year from March through November. There are two classes of rifles used. The LIGHT GUN CLASS has a weight limit of 17lbs and shoots 5 shots at each target. The HEAVY GUN CLASS is unlimited in weight although most tend to be up around the 40-50lb mark. Heavy Guns shoot 10 shots at each target. Our matches consist of two targets for each class and the group sizes and scores are averaged.

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Brisbane Rifle Club, May 2007
New Australian Record - Nov 2003
Photos - Jim Clifford set new records in LG.
Photos - Keith Hills set new record in LG.
Photos - Mick Paslow set new record in LG.
Photo - 1000yards in the Snow!
Photo - Stefan Karlsson (Sweden) winner of Nov 2001 shoot
Photo - Snow Target!!
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