1000yard BENCHREST - November 2001

STEFAN KARLSSON visiting from Sweden is here shooting a 300 Win Mag in HEAVY GUN CLASS. Stefan won heavy gun in very windy and tough conditions. A veteran of long range BR shooting in Sweden although not normally beyond 500 metres. This is his first attempt at 1000yds and he won both score and group! Was the only shooter to have complete groups on both of his targets (ten shot groups). The rifle is in 300 Win Mag, Hart barrel, Nightforce scope on Lee Six adjustable rings, a Lee Six unlimited stock and a double steel sleeved Remington action by John Giles.

1000 yd TARGET

Stefan and Stuart Elliott was one of Stefan's targets. Score 86 and 15" group. Stuart is holding one of the new trophies for the Annual 1000yd BR aggregate which David Waters has just made for us (top job!)


Here Stefan is shooting the Elliott's other rifle. He finished in 3rd place (score). Rifle is a 6.5x284 Shehane in Light Gun (5 shot groups). Has a Tobler 30" barrel, Shehane tracker laminated stock, Nightforce 36x and sleeved Remington action by John Giles.