These photo's show the target system used at Canberra for the 500m Fly Shoot. 1st photo shows a target (not a good one) with 5 shots on it and a sighter plate (or splash plate) with 3 shots on it. This is the maximum number of shots allowed to be fired per target. This way at least the sighting shots can be seen in heavy mirage. The 2nd photo shows the target crew changing targets and re painting the "splash" plates ready for the next relay. These "splash" plates are made from heavy duty Bisaloy steel and swing from their hangers thus absorbing the shock of even the heaviest magnums. The 3rd photo shows the target line layout generally. The scoring area on each target is approx 1.5 MOA (the "one" ring is about 8"). Shots are counted for score and bonus points are awarded for group size. Therefore the maximum points available per target is 60.

In case you were thinking of asking, the layout in the forground has nothing to do with the fly shoot. It is for the Rifle Metallic Silhouette Rams. They are supposed to land on the tyres to save them getting dirty!