Shot at Canberra in the Federal Cup (National Fly Shoot championships) 16-03-02

This is Peter Van Meurs (Pro-Cal Trading, Melbourne) with his new World Record Target. A .960" (24.4mm) at 500m. Those 4 shots go into about .4"!!! Peter naturally takes out the small group award at the annual Federal Cup (Fly Shoot) which is awarded by Nightforce. Below is a closeup of the group. This the first group under an inch at 500m (550 yards)

This is Peter and the outfit he used to shoot the record group in Canberra 16-03-02. He lists it as a 7.8x66B (30 cal), made the action and stock myself. Barrel is by MAB. Scope is a Nightforce 12-42x, used 80gr of AR 2214 ADI powder and Federal primers so it is good to see him supporting our principle sponsors. Cases are RWS, bullets are 220g Sierra's and naturally Peter does the gunsmithing himself(Pro-Cal Trading, Melbourne Vic).