1.    Any Cal less than .50Cal.

2.    Any stock configuration.

3.    Any scope power including spotting scopes.    Competitors may spot for each other.

4.    No weight restrictions for Heavy Gun class. Light Gun class weight is 17lbs including bipods.

5.    No rails ie: Guns shot from separate sand bag rest systems where the rear sand bag shall contact both the bench and the rifle. The front sandbag rest can be attached to a pedestal which can have adjustments for windage and elevation.

       The rear sandbag may have a stabiliser plate surrounding it if desired. Light gun class are allowed bipods.

6.    7 minute details. 1 target per shooter per detail.

7.    Only 5 shots on the target. 3 sighters at other medium (paper or steel) for each relay. Payment of nominations shall be deemed total acceptance of these rules.

8.    No ‘muzzle brakes’.

9.       Compliance with range safety rules at all times.

10.   Any competitor found not enjoying themselves will be disqualified.