This photo shows the range for the 500m fly shoot. Target line is in the distance at the base of the hill. The Federal Cup is the main event of the year and is shot on the Canberra Day long weekend in March each year. The "Fly Shoot" originated in Canberra in 1990. It was set up by Jim McKinley and John Rawson. The first ten annual events consisted of 10 target matches but now they are 5 target matches with an optional "warm up" target to begin. There are two classes, Heavy Gun unlimited weight and Light Gun Class (up to 17lbs).The course of fire is 5 shots on the Fly target plus 3 sighting shots at another medium, steel or paper(max 8 shots allowed per target). In Canberra the sighting shots are fired at a white painted steel plate which is hung from a support just under each target. The steel plate is Bisaloy 360 and is not damaged by even the biggest magnums. The shots on the plate show up as a larger dark "spot" and their positions are easily seen in mirage. Often shots on the target cannot be seen. To be sure of seeing the shots one needs to shoot a larger calibre and have good optics (a-la Nightforce scopes). The Federal Cup held in March has 4 major sponsors, Federal Cartridge Co, Westfire, ADI and Lightforce. A wide variety of cartridges are used in all calibres from 22 to 338. In the centre of the target is a "Fly". It represents a March Fly and is the ultimate in fly shooting! A special patch called a Fly Patch is given for hits on the fly.

*** NEXT SHOOT - FEDERAL CUP ACT- 8th March 2008

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